Sunday, December 18, 2005

Empire Tea and Coffee Cafe

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I've been spending alot of time at Empire Tea and Coffee lately. The staff are the nicest people I've met in town all year and the place is bright, open and very comfortable. WIFI is free and live music and poetry are a staple on the weekends. They also stay open a few extra hours during "Finals Week". (for all of you who plan on doing something with the rest of your life)
I've had the opportunity to sample a broad range of drinks from their menu and have enjoyed each one. I do have to mention one in particular though, the "Victoria Flower Tea" which is similar to the one in the picture above. I was entranced as I watched the flowers blossom right before my eye's in the tea pot. The tea itself is delicate and wonderful with no need for honey or milk. There are a few other flowering teas available as well and I can't wait to sample them all but what Empire Tea and Coffee is more famous for are their "Bubble Teas". The cafe combines a wide range of iced tea flavors such as Taro, Star Fruit, and Blackberry, to name just a few, with a couple of scoops of Tapioca Pearl "Bubbles". The combination is like Tea and Gummy Bears all in one, a rather refreshing texture.
When in Newport you must stop in and if you have some time, stay a while!

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