Friday, November 11, 2005

The Clarke Cooke House

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As far as Newport is concerned, The Clarke Cooke House or "Cooke House", to the locals, has become The Place to Be !
There are many reasons for this, for instance, In the summer you can sit in "The Candy Store" but don't let the name mislead you, the "Candy" served here is Sushi!
Next you go up half a floor and have a cocktail with "Five-O" in "The Grill".
Are you up for another cocktail before dinner? Head up another half floor and visit Firby and Kenny in the "Midway Lounge". Have some extra cash in your pocket? Ask Firby about his drink; "The Donald".
Time for dinner, another half floor up and your on "The Porch" and "The Skybar". Oooh what a porch it is! A gorgeous view overlooking Newport Harbor, Fresh flowers and fine dining. The wait staff are all in tuxedos and the food just melts in your mouth.
Check out the expansive wine list and save room for dessert!
Next I suggest you work off some of your meal with some danceing. Remember all those stairs? Head back down to ground level and as you get to the front door make a sharp right and go down-stairs to the "Boom Boom Room" and dance the night away!
Function space is also available and they have Guest rooms as well.
When you come to Newport you have to visit The Clarke Cooke House, a destination unto its-self.

View in Google EarthThe view from The Clarke Cooke House


Blogger echodawg said...

This place ROCKS!

4:56 PM  
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Blogger Lauren said...

The service was horrible, the decor is dated, and the staff is very pretentious. They called twice to remind us to dress nice, and so I expected it to be a very upscale place, but the only thing upscale was the prices- my swordfish and my boyfriend's halibut were both very over-cooked, and it took 10 minutes before our waiter even came to bring us water while we waited on the very hot and stuffy roofdeck. There are much better meals to be had in Newport. Also- two days after we left we discovered that they charged our credit card THREE times. This place is HORRIBLE!!

1:14 PM  
Blogger new laptop battery said...

I'm usually not a fan of Gehry's work, but this is an exception. Using wood as a wrapper imitating structure is not only novel, but ties the space down through the use of a consistent, inviting, and non-distracting material palette. Perhaps Gehry is more suited to small-scale projects Laptop battery.

6:18 AM  
Blogger kip said...

SCAM!!!! SCAM!!!!
This place has a scam on large parties it adds the tip in the bill then brings you your credit card bill with the total with tip included and then on the gratuity space they write the tip in again then total it so you are paying the tip twice. I payed $120 on a $300+ bill!!! WHAT A RIP OFF!!

1:29 AM  

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