Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How To Use This Site With Google Earth

The idea behind this site is to allow you to browse and search our listings of hotspots in Newport RI, pick the information that your interested in and then view where these spots are located in relation to each other.
So with our help you can now plan your trip a little more efficiently or just gather a list of places that interest you.

First we'll assume that you have downloaded and installed Google Earth and have become familiar with the basic use of this great FREE program. If your not, go here for a quick overview.

Ok, with that out of the way lets get on with the discussion about this site.

  • Look around here and find a post that interests you. Make sure to click on the links or pictures which will take you to the associated web sites. You'll get much more detailed info like hours of operation or menu samples.

  • Now for the fun part, click on the Google Earth link marked with this icon.View in Google Earth
    This will open Google Earth and you will see a new listing under "Temporary Places" toward the bottom of the "Places" box.

  • Go back to our site, pick another interesting post and click on that Google Earth link.

  • You now have a couple of places listed and marked in Google Earth. Its time to organize the info you just gathered.

  • In the same "Places" box, right-click on "My Places" which will open a menu. Hover over "New" and then click on "Folder". Name this folder something meaningful like "Newport Trip" and click "OK".

  • Now you can just Drag-And-Drop or Cut-And-Paste the spots that you chose from the "Temporary Places"folder into the "Newport Trip" folder you've just created.

  • I suggest you organize the place-marks with your hotel on top by dragging them around within the folder. This way you can see your starting point easily and plan from there.

  • Thats it! You can now print maps or e-mail them directly from Google Earth.

  • Want directions from one place to another? Easy! Right click on your hotel for instance and click on "Directions From This" . Next, go to another place-mark and click on "Directions To This"

  • You now have a map showing your route and a list of directions. If you look under the box with the directions you'll see a "Play Button" which will "fly" you along your route like magic. Also, if you look at the top of the directions list you'll see a link for "Printable View". Guess what that does. :)

NOTE-These directions are for reference and planning only and are usually not the most scenic route. DO NOT rely on them for exact navigation!

Thats it!

Don't forget to mention us(a couple of friends have offered a freebie when you stop in, see if you can find them) and come back to this site to post a comment or two about your trip.

Have fun and we'll see you in Newport!


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